Bristol Tennessee native Annie Robinette is a late blooming above average songwriter--even excellent at times--and pretty decent singer, with a foul mouth (never in or near a live mic or in earshot of kids under 13), a big heart, and a frequently inappropriate sense of humor. Her genre is best described as chaotic folk with a heavy influence of angst, mental illness, and indecision.

During the Paleolithic period, and some 40 pounds ago, Annie enjoyed a fairly successful run as a professional model and actress without ever even having to sleep with anyone. She also didn't suck at stage acting and has a badass trophy to prove it. She did rather well for a good while as a portrait artist and illustrator until she grew tired of it because she never charged enough for her work. She was in a number of bands over the years, initially getting her feet wet in motel bars in her teens, performing obligatory top forty eighties covers, the most trauma inducing of which was "Let's Get Physical" by Olivia Newton John. She was a real estate broker and property manager for a time, which really deserves no mention and therefore shouldn't even be in this bio because it just takes up word space.

She puts on a good show and doesn't mind being the ambient music in a club where people don't really pay attention. However, if in a listening room and inadequately medicated, she can become cranky, possibly even scary, if audience members are loud and disruptive or otherwise appear not to give a rat's ass about the performance, her own or that of a fellow songwriter. Sometimes at her shows, mid-song, if the ear of the listener does wander, she will make up obscene lyrics to a popular tune just for the hell of it. This spontaneous improv, of course, is only exercised in venues where patrons and owners would not object... or notice anyway.  

Annie loves her husband, her kids, her friends, her fans, her dogs, her shoes, her chickens, and dresses her sandwiches with thick gobs of Duke's mayonnaise. She loves her hometown, treasures her privacy, hated every excruciating second of high school except for lunch, attended UNC-Greensboro, is intolerant of any form of bullshittery, and has been married three times, presently and permanently to a prince. 

She has won some songwriting awards, including first place in the 2011 We R Indie & Indiegrrl International Showdown and several awards in the 2012 Smoky Mountain Songwriters Competition. She is jovial, continuously grateful, chronically apologetic for everything even if it's not her fault and/or she wasn't even there when whatever is was that happened pissed somebody off, and has an affinity for the run-on sentence even though she excelled at grammar as a student.